Saturday, April 01, 2006

John Penney's home pic on Springfield Ave.


Hi Marty;

I really enjoy visiting your GPK Blogsite. The pictures of the houses in the Park are fascinating. It really is amazing how good most of them still look. Picture #568 is indeed the Bugera house on Empire. All of the Bugeras now live in Ontario (Dorothy - Ottawa, John - Kingston, Jim - Oshawa, Dave - Scarborough & Mrs B - Ajax). Mr Bugera died about 3 years ago. I am, of course, married to Dorothy and we have 2 children Gail & Chris.

I would love to see what my old house at 382 Springfield looks like if it is still there. My Dad built the house by himself from the cement pickets up. He sold an old 1929 Pontiac in about 1948 to get the money to buy the windows and doors so that we could move into the house. When we first moved in there was no gyprock on the walls except for the bathroom.

You could walk from room to room through the stud walls. The kitchen cupboards were originally made from old wooden orange crates. My Mom had to cook on a Coleman stove for a short while until we could get an electric stove (in very short supply after WWII). The Penney (Keith & John) family is now in Ottawa and my parents are in a Long Term Care facility here in the city.

Thanks for all of your work to keep the Blogsite going.

John Penney

Thanks John P. for your kind words and a very special thanks to John R for taking all these home pics we enjoy..

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