Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kind Thanks from The Swinwoods

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts - the outpouring of sympathy and love was and is overwelming!! You have no idea the strength and comfort Laurie, Stephen, Ann and I and our family derive from your kind expressions of concern and compassion.

Thanks to everyone who managed to attend the viewing and or funeral of our little Jakey - for the flowers, for the donations to the Dorchester Volunteer Fire Department, who went the limit trying to save our little guy, for the cards,e-cards, telephone messages, telephone calls etc. you have no idea what all of this means to us!!

To the Blog boys, Mike and Marty, both of you were instrumental in getting the word out, where would we be without computers? Thanks so very much to both of you!!

Lastly, to all Greenfield Parkers, both present and past, our hearts will always be with you, you are all class acts!!!

If we have missed anyone, we would ask for a "pass" as we are not kids anymore - for what used to be minds like traps are now, unfortunately, minds like taps.

But some things we will never forget - thank you all................

Laurie, Stephen, Ann, Winston & Family. (The Swinwoods)

Thanks for your kind words. I have not suffered a loss such as yours and I'll hug my family more each day with your loss in mind..

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