Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Memories from a family friend


I must first congratulate you on the website and let you know I thoroughly enjoy looking at it at least once a day.

My cousin Wendy Wilson(Board) who lives in Calgary told me about the site.

The first time I got to look at it there were the emails from Ellen Stone(McCourt) about Lorna Cameron's dance recitals and then the list of the names of the Fontaine children. She did a great job of naming them and I think they were probably almost in perfect order from oldest to youngest.

It would be nice to see if anyone would do as well with naming the Tombs or Naylor families.

By the way did you live on Devonshire Road? If so did you have a sister named Gloria? The reason I am asking is that if you are from the same family my Mom and I use to drive to Eaton's to work sometimes with your Dad and sometimes with my Dad.

I loved the pictures Penny Tomalty sent to you from Third Street.

I gather you are living in the States. We have a daughter that is presently living in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. She lived in Florida and then California. She is married and has two children. Our other daughter lives in Barrie and is married and has two children.

We have moved around quite a bit. We left the Park in 1971 and moved to Sudbury and then in 1982 we moved to Edmonton. We have been in Barrie since 1988.

I emailed Heather Cooper to get more information about the reunion in September.

Keep up the good work it is sure enjoyable and great to bring back old memories

Take care

Norma Knight (Board)

Thanks Norma K.


From Youngest to Oldest : Twins Lynne & Linda, Robert, Richard, Barbara, Ronny, Benny, Doris ( Brown), Gertrude ( Mate) , Ernest Jr.. A.K.A Buster.

Thanks Ralph B.

Hi Marty,
I noticed one name missing from the Tombs family.(Agnes).

I lived two doors down from the Tombs family.The twins were babies when they moved there.I was in awe of another large family living near me.When the baker took bread to the house his arm was stretched right out with about eight loaves of bread on it.In those days bread help fill you up. Couldn't afford cookies and treats like today.

I have a few names of the Naylor family.I can't remember them all.

Chuck,Nanna (nick name) don't know real name.June,Jimmy,Tommy,and Kenny.Maybe someone else might remember the other names.

My Grandfather (Eddy Smitheman) trained one of the Naylor boys on the presses in the newspaper.I think it was the (Star)I'M not sure.My Aunt Joyce Thompson will know that for sure as it was her dad.
Ellen McCourt Stone

I just remembered the other name of the Tombs family.It's Margaret.I think that covers them all .There was twelve of them.
Ellen McCourt Stone

Hi Marty,

Since Ralph B. took the easy one I'll try to name some of the Naylor's: "Dinky" , "Chuckie", Jimmy, Tommy, Kenny, Cliff, June--that's my best shot.

To Richard W. The Big Bopper--J.P. Richardson-- died with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens on Feb. 3rd 1959 but the bigger question is what kind of dog did we get from George Vine's litter.

I remember us having a small collie and a labrador retriever in those days but I don't remember where they came from. JMcC.

To continue the quiz can anyone name all eight of the Mead's? JMcC.

Thanks Norma K. appreciate the dialogue you have started


Well I put my memory to work today and I believe I have the names of all the Naylor's except for one of the boys. They are

Johnny, Kitty, Bobby, Jean, Chucky, Nan, Jimmy, June, Tommy, Kenny, Clifford and Diane.

Maybe someone will remember the one I am missing.

Keep up the good work

Norma Knight

Anyone up for John McC. challenge??

Also what State did Buddy Holly's plane crash ??

The Mead Family names;

Hi Marston:
I think I have them all: Grant, Marylou, Trevor, Joan, Winney, Marleen, Jane, Herbie & Graham.
Barb H.
I forgot one name
Which is Lyod

Thanks Barb H.

Marty, FYI

(1) re Barb H.'s answer, Lloyd Mead was Joan's son and I am not sure about Marlene.

(2) As an add-on to your question about the "Big Bopper's" crash site , Albert Juhl was the name of the farmer whose field they crashed in just outside of Clear Lake, Iowa.


Thanks John McC.

Hi Marty,

It was Johnny Naylor I believe that my Grandfather (Smitheman) trained in the newspaper.

My Aunt Joyce tells me it was (The Herald and the Woodward Press that my grandfather worked for.

Ellen Stone

Thanks Ellen S.

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