Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Message from Jean

I saw Wendy's response this morning. I am thrilled. All these years I have been looking for her in another part of Canada. Could you send her my e-mail address?

I love this blog site. I get my coffee in the morning, turn on my computer and this is the first site I go for. I moved away from Canada almost 30 years ago and I think of my days in Greenfield Park and at Royal George often.
I live in Tampa Florida and my brother Raymond Nathan lives about 10 minutes from my home.

It sure is nice having family just around the corner. My parents Bev and Bud Nathan live on Vancouver island, my brother Kenny Nathan lives in Calgary Alberta and my sister Jane Nathan Straub lives in William Lake British Columbia. We don't see each often so I have been promoting we all go to the reunion in September.
Thanks for your help.
Jean Nathan Taylor

Thanks Jean, Hope to see you at the reunion

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