Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Mickey" the Devonshire Rd Puppy Mill

Hi Marty
I thought it would be a good idea to send along a couple of old photos of the much talked about dog that got dogged. "Mickey the Devonshire Road puppy mill". Micky was an easy going old dog and I believe she mothered about 90 pups in her life time. There are probably great great great grandpups still around the Park. Mickey had a few odd friends including my rabbit Bumpy, pet crow Blackie and my two chickens. I remember Richards dog Trixie and I believe Jim Mc also fostered another. The Barlow boys also fell victim to one of her less friendly pups. I think the dogs nickname was Killer. How many other Gpkers had the luck of adopting one of the pups I don't remember. I think the local petshop gave up trying to sell dogs.
George V

Thanks George

Maybe more will remember adopting her pups..

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