Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Montreal Golf and Country Club (Story)

Marty, in answer to Ralph Bennett's query ,

Frank Glass was the head greenskeeper before Frank Grant. as an aside, sometimes after the first wave of caddies had gone out in the morning rush, Abbie Philps used to come by the clubhouse, and get one of the caddies who hadn't gone out and who had a bike, to Pedal off to Silickas' store in Lemoyne-( when The Park was still dry) to purchase 3" Tall Timber" quarts, for which the caddie got a dime.

Abbie would then proceed to deposit the three bottles in strategic places around the course , usually in the wooden boxes which housed the sprinkler connections because the connections usually leaked a little and the beer stayed cool so that Abbie could have a barley sandwich for lunch.And strange as it may seem today, seldom did a bottle disappear

Thanks John McC.
Was it Dow Ale??

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