Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More from Third St and Doc's Lane

Hi Marston,
I do hope these pictures reach you. for the blog. . I have really been enjoying the walk down memory lane since Terry sent me the Greenfield Park site. I have some wonderful old pictures of the Park that I am going through. The house in this picture was our original house on Third Street before the renos. The stories of Doc. Perras I very vividly remember. I rode horses with Yvette and Pierre Perras for years and we used to ride up the back of their place on the trail that circled around Doc Perras's house. Very scaary!!! The horse in the picture is Lady Gray - she was my favorite.
The Greenfield Park Blog is a wonderful idea and it makes us realize how fortunate we were as kids to grow up in "The Park".
The other pictures are taken on the lawn between Granny Board's and Bill and Flo Board's on Third.
Penny (Tomalty) Love

Thanks Penny, it's amazing that we had so much fun with very little. The town has given us many memories and I thank everyone who shares them with us.

Marty N.

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