Saturday, April 29, 2006

More on Mickey

Hi Marty
On the subject of crows and dogs. After some considerable digging about I came up with another shot of that now famous dog "Mickey". This photo shows her in one of her many conversations with her friend Blackie. I only wish I owned a movie camera back in those day. These meetings could be very comical as Blackie had the ability to mimic my uncle Harrys laugh. I have no idea what these two use to discuss. Unlike Richard and Steves crow, Blackie did not like tadpoles. He preferred mice which I could catch in abundance in the attic of the old house. He, to my amazement , could swallow a mouse whole. Blackie lived with us for a couple of years and one summer he just disappeared, never to be seen again. I called him for days and got answers from every crow in the area but not Blackie. Even Mickey moped around for a few days.
George V

Thanks George V.

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