Monday, April 03, 2006

Old Doc's Lane

Hi Marty.

I have been enjoying the Doc Perra stories. As you know, his driveway went right along side of our property and he DID seem scary, but he was always very quiet and gave no reason to fear him. He always said "Hello" in passing and if my Dad was out in the yard, he would stop and talk to him. I remember one time going up to his little place with my Dad. Now THAT WAS scary!

It was unkempt, was heated with a little pot belly stove, and was really dreary inside. I have no idea what he did for a living, but remember at one point being outside and coughing my lungs out. He told my parents he thought it sounded like Whooping Cough before the doctors had even made an official diagnosis. It was, in fact, Whooping Cough. So, perhaps he had the "Doc" credentials? or maybe just a guess on his part. I suppose I would put him in the category of a recluse.

Just want you to know I never miss a day checking the blog. Really enjoying all your dedicated work. Keep it up.


Thanks JoAnn G.
That lane has a lot of history attached to it.

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