Friday, April 21, 2006

Old Items from the Park

Hi Marty
I have found two more old Park items. These Greenfield Park Horticultural Society Prize cards are from 1917 or 1918. I have included a scan of pages from the 1917 HS premium list booklet. As you can see these two prizes included not only the cards to keep but a tidy cash sum of fifty cents.

My Grandfather was a great gardener and won a number of prizes over the years. He was a member of both the Greenfield Park and the St. Lambert Horticultural Society. He was also a beekeeper and at the peak of his honey business had seventy + hives. I have been searching for a honey tin marked Chas Vine for years with no luck. If ever someone should find one of these old tins please let me know.
The blog has become a morning ritual with my first cup of tea. Keep up the great work. I love those old photos and memories.
George V

Can Anyone help George V. with his search??

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