Monday, April 03, 2006

Prairie Moments by Doug G.

Hi Martson
After those complementary thoughts from Sherri, I guess I can send some more moments from the Prairies, specificlly from Elkwater. Just had to go down there again this friday. Most of the snow has gone except amongst the trees.
The area is so beautiful and so unexpected. The sign tells abit more about the ecological history. Deer still plentiful and I just love the signs because other than in the territories, I can't imagine any signs like it in any of the eastern provinces.
I also am always tempted to follow those roads that seem to go on hill after hill into the horizon. I guess that is why so many people out here drive pick up trucks that are covered in mud..
Have a great week

Catch you later
Doug g

Thanks Doug G.
Your pics are appreciated by a bunch of us..

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