Friday, April 14, 2006

Prairie Moments

In the early days the South Saskatchewan River was a highway for fur trappers and Settlers. Even had a passenger steam Boat at one time, but it ran aground. The beavers don't get hunted any more and are surviving very well.

The R.C.M.P have moved to a modern office building across the river and the flood damage from 2004 can still be seen as evidenced by snarled drift wood high above the water line.
The only live stock this morning seen from 3 feet above the prairies was a pair of Canada geese waiting for something to come down the river

The pelicans have returned and so have the bald eagles and meadow larks. They are all working on their nests right now and have no time for the likes of me. I'll keep my camera handy just in case
Catch you later
Doug g

Doug takes time out of his day to provide us with these great pics and I want to thank him for his effort to share these scenes with us on the blog. I owe Doug a big thanks..
Thanks Doug G.

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