Thursday, April 27, 2006

Prairie Moments

Hi Marston
It was a great morning today/ Lots of wild life on the trails. First down by the river where the pelicans have arrived, and where 4x wheelers had spent a muddy week end, then over by the farmer’s fields where the big tractors were plowing up. Looks like one farmer started his first run by the irrigation overheads and just kept on going until he disappeared from sight. Really "big field"

There was a blue herron grubbing for breakfast and I almost ran into a deer. By the time I had my camera out, he had settle down and was munching grass with a companion. Saw a few more across the river drinking. This spring they had to kill off over 17,000 deer as there was evidence of mad cow disease in some of the herds

I only discovered lately that Canada geese nest in trees. I don't know where I expected them to nest, but the idea of those big birds standing on branches with web feet didn't seem right to me. Here is evidence that they do how ever. Finally the interpretive center in the park show the silhouettes of local birds to get an idea of their size
We're off to the coast this week so will catch you and the blog when we return
Doug G
Thanks Doug G. and have a safe trip

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