Tuesday, April 18, 2006

RC Model B-52

Takes awhile to download, but it is AWESOME!
Be sure to click on the web link to see this plane fly.
Subject: Maiden Flight Of A RC Model B-52.
Actually has 8 "real turbines" at about $1500 each! It took over 2 years to build.
It has a wing span of about 22 feet and takes multiple pilots, as there are so many things to control.
Do you think they were nervous during the maiden flight?

It's unbelievable that someone would make this --- all real turbines!
Check out the movie link below to see the first flight. http://www.mcgirt.net/RC/VIDEOS/Giant_B52/B52_flight2.wmv

Thanks Bob H.
This video is awesome if you like Model Airplanes. The video runs about 8 minutes

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