Sunday, April 02, 2006

Robert (Bert) McCourt

This is a picture of my dad Robert (Bert) McCourt when he used to race on Dominion Day for the Park It was the 220 yard dash

He won it in 1923-1924-1925-1926.On the big cup it said you had to win it three times in succession in order to get the big cup.The date on the big cup is 1923 so he must have won it two years before the dates that I have.I have the small cups for the dates above but not before 1923.He always said he'd go to a dance the night before and wear regular running shoes and all the other guys would have special running shoes and he would still win.He mentioned it often so i think he was quite proud of that.He also said he won it ten times.

The cup was donated by (A.Thurber M.L.A. Mayor of Longueuil).There is one letter I am not sure if I got right in the Mayors name because I had a hard time reading it on the cup.It's the letter "u"
Maybe someone else might know.
Ellen McCourt Stone

Thanks for sharing Ellen

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