Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sandy R. (Part One)

Good morning Marty,

A while back there was a request on the blog for folks to write and let you know how we came to live where we do now.

Our story started back in 1976. Brian was working for Northern Electric as it was known then and we were living on Cummings St. on the new side of the Park with our 2 little boys, Craig & Kevin who were 6 & 4 yrs old. at the time.

Brian worked in the installation department and he traveled all over the place to work. I was a stay at home Mom. Brian had been sent to work in Halifax and while he was there a posting went up asking for guys to move there permanently. I had never been to Halifax so I said I would think about it, if I could get down and see the place. One of the fellows Brian was working with down there was getting married so we went to the wedding, did a whirlwind tour and the rest is history. I fell in love with the place. My one stipulation was that if I was going to live in the Maritimes I wanted to live in the real Maritimes.

Once again it meant me going for a weekend and looking for a place to live. We managed to find exactly what I wanted. A house in a fishing village. Totally different from anything we had experienced in our lives, but a very happy experience. We packed up and moved from Greenfield Park in June of 1976 when Craig was done his 1st year in school.

The pictures attached are of our house in Herring Cove, and two different shots of what the locals called " The Cove" with our sons Craig & Kevin. The middle picture is looking into he cove and the bottom one is looking from the shore out to the ocean. We could see the ocean from our living room window.

We lived in Herring Cove until Sept. 1984 when we left for Ontario.

Part two tomorrow.

Sandy Robinson

Thanks Sandy for sharing with us..

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