Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sherri Thompson's Great Grandmother's Post Cards


Sorry For dropping out of sight for the past week. I thought the flu was all
gone, but I have been having side effects the past week and been tired and on
the down and out.

# 28 - I think this may be an actual picture of my great grandmothers
cousin, Meg Gibson. There is no writing on the back of the card or any
post marks, but the writing on the front is in the same hand as the Meg
who is a regular correspondent with Mary.

# 29 - Text on the front reads - "Scotch Washing Up To Date"

Postmarked April 17, 1906 to Mary Tait in East Linton. It is signed
Sam. From other cards that I have seem, I think that Sam may be Mary Tait's
brother. I still have to see if I can locate her family on the census.

He writes " I think you will be thinking I have forgot you, but as I
Am writing now it is alright. We are having wet weather and can't get
much done but it will do good to the plants. Hope you are keeping well."

Thanks and hope to be back to regular contributions, if you would still
like them.


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