Thursday, April 06, 2006



Hi Marty,
Here a few pics for you.

450, 455, 458 are the St-Francois river, in my front yard in
St-Francois-du-Lac 1 hour east of GFP. 450 was taken in February just
after an ice storm. The river actually froze over about that time
because of an ice jam. Usually it freezes around the 1st of January, but this
year was an exception. 455 was 2 weeks later after a bit of snow and 458 was
last week-end. Montreal's average snowfall is 35cm for March. This
year we got 4cm. 3cm is the old record from 1949.

St-francois-du-Lac is the town where 'Thibault' outfitted fire trucks
in years past. They also were the ones that made the Pope-mobile for
John-Paul II's visit back in 1984.

I am sure David Rye would know of Thibault. I believe that they were
one of only 2 manufacturers in North America at the time.

452 is generation pic of my Mother-in-law (only parent left ) , my wife
Odette , my daughter Josée, and my so far only Grand-daughter Olivia.

have a nice day


Thanks Ivan R. for sharing these pics with us.
I'll bet there will be some great spring pics soon..

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