Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Street car comeback????

With you guys posting street car memories I had to laugh at , Mayor
Tremblay of Montreal. A few weeks ago he said that they are looking at
installing new street-cars in town and would like to start with a line
from Jean-Talon down Parc (Park) avenue to Old Montreal at a cost of
$100 Million or some such silly amount.

The guys and I were laughing the other day and with the conditions of the streets around here, the cost might not be so high after all. They just have to wait a few more years
and the old tracks will pop out more than they are now after 40 years.
They were all paved over in the 60's for EXPO 67 and it seems like
every street corner around has bits of track and brick showing thru. I will
send you some pictures sometime.


Thanks Ivan
Montrealers are probably still paying for the subway built in the 60's

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