Monday, April 03, 2006

Terry Tomalty shares memories and fun stories


I'm just warming up with some old park memories
1- The taxi stand behind the firestation was called Arrow Taxi

2-I knew a family of McCourts on Empire , Joan McCourt married one of the Swaffield boys on Fairfield and moved in the 50, s to Alabama. Is this the same family?

3- I have just heard from an old friend Cliff Board who I have known since the 40,s between us we know many stories of those years and will tell (If we can remember) of fishing in Charles creek , of swimming in the creek behind the firestation, we thought it was a creek , but it turns out it was a drainage ditch from MACKAYVILLE (We're still itching!)

These were great times

When John Riley was researching his book, he said "Have you lived here all your life? " I said "Not yet"!
More to come

Thanks Terry
The creeks were a place to play when we were kids.

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