Thursday, April 27, 2006

Welome Elizabeth B.

It is so nice to get on to the blog even while out of the country….We were in Australia for Feb. and March and had lunch with
Bob Godefroy and his lovely wife Faith at there home .Which they so kindly drove us back to Kawana after …….We were talking about the blog and was nice to get on computer so far away from Barrie and read news of the Park….I see that Wendy Board had wrote in and I was thinking I lived over the Boards on Third Street when I was a small child and my mother used to tell me I had a bad habit of bitting .And I bit her so hard one day I drew blood .She lived right across the street from Mr Board that was connected to the school board…hopefully if this is the same person she has forgiven me and now that she lives
in Barrie maybe one day we will meet and have coffee and talk about the Park …..I also live in Barrie but visit the Park fairly often like 3 weeks ago to see my sister Suzanne and brother Fred…….
Maybe you can forward this on to her as I don’t see her E mail address on the Blog .
Also nice to see Ellen Stone on line and I also was in one of the line ups for dance concerts back row 5th from right in black Skirt and white blouses……
Keep up the good work …..
Elizabeth (Newbury ) Baird

Thanks Elizabeth B.

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