Sunday, May 28, 2006

1930 pics from John Riley

First photo, My brother Mike c.1952. In the background is the Freeman house, the home of Bob and Noni Freeman and their children Mary Lou, Rod, Heather and Kim. They lived at the corner of Isabel and Empire, opposite the Fontaine family, before they moved to Mary Blvd. (probably to get nearer to the Dairy Queen).

Second Photo, My grandfather John James Hineson is holding up my teetering brother Mike who was just learning to walk. In the background you can see parts of Joe Plante's home and part of the Heavyside home (further away). My brother Mike Riley is married and now lives in Columbus Ohio, but has remained close to friends Peter Macpherson, Wyatt Billing, Kenny Martin and Dick Luger. They all shared a ski chalet near Owl's Head in the 1980s. My grandfather was the chairman of the Greenfield Park Protestant School Commissioners after World War 1, and spoke up to prevent the dismemberment of the town by a land developer named Mackay (after whom Mackayville was named).

Third Photo, A group of tennis players standing on the tennis court that was behind St. Paul's Church. The court was built by the parishioners so the youth had something to do. Maybe someone can identify their parents and grandparents in the photo taken circa 1930.


Thanks John R.

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