Sunday, May 21, 2006

2006 Runion List of Attendees

Attending # Arriving Thurs Arriving Fri Booked
Sept. 21/06 Sept. 22/06 At

Bob Allain & Joan Thomas 2 X Colonial Motel
Bev Alexander (Vye) 1
Janet Allen & Don Watson 2
Ralph & Millie Bennet 2 X Colonial Motel
Heather Blaine & Al Gibb 2 X Lives in area
Diane Bartlett Clifford 1 X
Carolyn Cobb Dalgard 1 X Colonial Motel
Harry Cobb 1 X Colonial Motel
Kenny Cobb 1 X Colonial Motel
Garry & Karen Comber 2
John Flesch 1
Beth & Rod Freeman 2 X Colonial Motel
Bev Garrett (Jeary) 1 X Colonial Motel
Lorna Garrett (Watkins) 1 X Colonial Motel
Denise Houle (Evola) 1 X Colonial Motel
Heather Hubbard &Larry Cooper 2 X Lives in area
Jason Hubbard (Butch) 1 X relatives in area
Shirley Hubbard (Roccas) 1 X Lives in area
Fred & Brenda Knight (Fielding) 2 X Colonial Motel
John & Diane McConachie (Gregory) 2 X Colonial Motel
Jean McShane 2
Doug Menary 1 X Colonial Motel
Elgin Milne 1 X Colonial Motel
Elton North 1 X
Marston North 1 X
John & Dorothy Penney (Bugera) 2 X
Ivan & Odette Rhoades 2 X Colonial Motel
John Riley 2 X Colonial Motel
Brian & Sandy Robinson (Snow) 2 X Colonial Motel
Carl & Shirley Ruth 2
David & Sharon Rye 2 X Colonial Motel
Win & Ann Swinwood 2 X Colonial Motel
David & Sheryl Walsh (Reynard) 2 X Colonial Motel
Barb & George Hamilton (Williams) 2 X Colonial Motel

Hi Folks: I hope you are able to get this, it is somewhat difficult with the various software and updates available, and my aging eyes need the lines to keep everything straight. I will be sending out comprehensive directions at the end of June, but it is not difficult to get here. It is either 2.5 hrs west of Toronto, or 2.5 hrs north of London, or 2.5hrs. north of Sarnia.

The main highway is Highway 21 and it travels south from Owen Sound. However, I will provide the appropriate exit numbers later. No excuses for not finding the place. As I have mentioned, I will be arranging for the beef for the bar-b-que as I can get it at a good price and get them to cut the loin into steaks. If you wish to bring your own chicken or fish, please feel free to do so.

The remainder of the menu for Friday night will be corn on the cob, potato salad, rolls and a coleslaw salad, and of course some sweets, (squares,etc.). Hope this is alright for everyone planning on attending and once I get the numbers, I will be able to divide up the costs for the bar-b-que. For the picnic you will be left on your own food wise, but there is a fast food set up right along the boardwalk at the marina. Forthe supper Saturday night, I understand, will be off the menu, however the brunch on Sunday will be buffet, from 11:00 to 2:00.Looking forward to hearing from you as to your requests, likes and dislikes.

Thanks Heather.
Sorry for everthing bunching up but blogger is not friendly to tables

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