Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Family Loss

Hi folks,

As you are aware I posted pictures of my cousin Diane and her battle with cancer. Diane succumbed at 7:00 pm Friday the 5th, 2006. Diane was lovingly cared for by my cousin Amber during her final months. Amber is a palliative care psychologist and, although 35 years Diane's junior, spent many hours assisting Diane in her daily life.

Diane was visited in her final days by her many international friends as well as her ex-husband Bill Pollack owner of Office Overload and Drake Personnel. Although divorced in 1969 they continued a warm and loving relationship that included mutual respect.

My mom and Diane are now terrorizing Heaven with their mischievous personalities. Trust me, now that those two are there, it is the place to be when the time comes.

Bob H
PS. All three in the photo have left us Uncle George 2004 at 95 years, Fran April 22nd 2006 at 84 years and Diane May 5th, 2006 at age 72.

We offer our family condolences

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