Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Golf Partners (GPK)

Hi Marty,

I finally dried out from the Friday golf tournament at International 2000 in Lacolle.
After a late night on Thursday with the boys, I was up at 5.00 and off to Lacolle. On my arrival around 8.00 I was checking out the place and looking for some coffee, when I see this other guy looking lost like me. After a few minutes I introduced myself and it turns out that he is Tom Castonguay. A longtime friend that used to live next to us on Charron Street in Lemoyne. I had not seen Tom since some where around 1960, when he had just done a motor job on my brothers 55 Ford. Tom left for San Diego in 1962. Toms father Albert and Winston Swinwoods father Alfie were friends with my Dad back in those days. They sure new how to get the mothers mad and were able to knock back a few. As the day got going more people showed up despite the threatening weather. It was like old home week seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones. Fred Goodall , John McConachie, John Walls, Jerry Weiner and a lot of others. I had the pleasure of meeting Cliff Board also at his first GFP golf tournament, I believe.
The golf was fun for the first 5-6 holes and then the rain started. Everyone in my foursome was optimistic that it would let up. Out came the umbrellas and by the time we got about 12 holes played we were hoping we could finish sooner than later. Soaked, right through everything. Carts bogged down on wet fairways and ponds over flowing were just some of the fun things we had to contend with. When Harold Rye in my foursome said he was over griping his club because of the water, we new we were really wet.
Prizes were given out after the game and Spaghetti “all you can eat” was to be found at Scotties on Taschereau later on. I don’t know about everybody else, but I know I had a good time. I hope that Ralph Bennet, Bob Hawkins, Alan Houle and others can be at the next tournament on the 15th of September. I am really looking forward to it.

Here is a picture of my three partners. Joey Hughes, Rob Pelletier and Harold Rye. After this I just put the camera away and had no opportunity use it again.

Thanks Ivan R.

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