Friday, May 12, 2006

Guess Who by Norma Knight (1950's) Updated

Thanks Norma

Anyone care to guess who these young ladies are??

Hi Marty.

The group of girls Norma sent in.I think I know a few.Fourth from left top row.Penny Tomalty.Bottom row left.Arabelle Bremner.I don't know her maiden name.Then Norma Board,fourth over I thought might be Carol Steele.

Ellen McCourt Stone

Basketball-- Top l-r ? Joan Fudgell, Millie Henry,Noreen Barfoot,Lorna Garrett, Coach Clary Tomalty
bottom l-r Arabella Allardyce, Norma Board, Nancy Thomas, ?


Hi Marston

I thought we might have had more people testing their memories. Ellen McCourt Stone
got 2 right and John McConachie got 4 right.

In the back row from l to r Bette Allatt(Asst. Coach), Carol Knight(Komisaruk) Newmarket, Ann Uprichards (not sure where she is) Margo Tomalty(Valliant) Toronto and Clarence Tomalty(Coach)deceased.
In the front row from l to r Arabella Allardyce(Bremner), Norma Board(Knight) Barrie, Dorothy Thomas(Naylor) Vancouver, Carol
(oops I remember she lived on Fairfield but her last name has slipped my mind-she was married to Leonard Davis)

I was looking for Joy Heavyside's email address if you have it.

Marston I did get in touch with Elizabeth Newbury. We had a nice conversation and we are going to get together

Thanks again.

Norma Knight

Thanks Norma,

Can Joy Heavyside contact Norma???

Hi Marston

I am not sure that anybody sent in the name of the girl that I wasn't sure about but I believe the person was Pearl Fowler. You can print this or just leave it. It is up to you.


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