Friday, May 19, 2006

Guess Who from the 1940's

These two young lads roamed the fields and streets of the Park in the mid 1940's. They were known for their sense of style. The fellow on the left is wearing the latest "runners" from Kipp's General Store - 75 cents. The fellow on the right is wearing what is believed to be the last pair of "britches" worn in Quebec. (Later this young lad attended McGill University still wearing his "britches" where he attracted considerable attention, particularly from his future wife Margaret, who found them, curiously, appealing).
Haircuts were by Bud the Barber - 25 cents.

Does anyone know them?

Thanks Terry Tomalty

Hi Marston!

The blog was sure full of Third Street memories today. The cub picture although before Robert and I were involved brought back many memories of names we had not thought of in a long time.

The picture of the two handsome lads on the well are Terry Tomalty and Clifford Board.

We need to get these fellas at the reunion, just imagine the tales they could tell.

Take care

Norma K.

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