Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Guess Who Pic from Norma K.

Hi Marston

Here I am again with one of the pictures I told you we would send you. It was taken at Hilda's Soda Bar which was in the Hollingdrake Building at the corner of Springfield and Churchill. The same store area contained Bud Hollingdrake's Barber Shop.

We know everyone in the picture. Let's see who can name them and maybe someone has contact with some of them

Bye for now

Norma & Robert Knight

Thanks Norma K. (The pic is from about 50 years ago)

Here is my guess at a few of the faces in the group.

I am going to say far left back is Red Drummond, fair square in the middle is Claude Desormeaux, and possibly right front Bob Morley ???

Sandy R.

Marty, re Norma Board's guess who photo-- back row l-r Red Drummond now living in North Lancaster Ont, Gerry Dootson,living in the Park I think, Claude Desormeaux(deceased) Jim Small, President of GFPK legion ?? --Front row l-r George Fudgell ??. JMcC

One on the left in the back is Red Drummond, The one in the middle with
the lads arm over his left shoulder is Ken Swinwood I believe.

Could the lad with the armss over shoulders in the back roe be Herbie Mead?
Ivan R.

Back row...
Red Drummond, Robert Knight, Late Claude Desormeau, Jim Small and Dennis Hollingdrake??
Front Row: Sorry.
Note: Unlike if this picture was taken today if you look closely everyone in the picture is holding a cigarette.

Ralph B.

Hi Marty:

Well John Mc and Ralph B. both got four right.

The names are as follows:

Back left - Red Drummond
To his left - Robert (Bob) Knight ( my husband) lived at 135 Fairfiedl from 1952-60 and then at 153 Homer from 1960-71
Back right partially hidden - Jim Small
Centre - our dear late friend Claude Desormeaux
Lower left - George Fudgell
To his left - Tommy Barnes
Front right - Gerry Rod (Hot Rod) Gerry was not from the Park. He lived in Montreal and worked with Claude and Robert at the Phoenix of Hartford Insurance Co but spent most of his weekends in the Park for a number of years.

We found some more old pictures which we will send along in the next few days. The next one is of some of the girls.

We are sure having fun with the site.


Norma Knight

Thanks Norma K.

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