Friday, May 05, 2006

Here are the two Godefroy Homes on Fairfield Ave.

Hi Marty,

Thought that you might like to include the two Godefroy family homes on Fairfield Avenue. We lived in the white house (number 61) near the corner of Oak Street from 1943 until 1950. It had no real basement and only a coal fired stove for cooking and heating. Also we had only an ice box for keeping food in the summer. In those days the iceman delivered blocks of ice daily. In the winter time my mother used to make ice cream (a real treat!) and bury it in the snow in the back yard until it was frozen. We were in a great location though because we could just walk around the corner along Oak Street to the Kipps store to buy our soft drinks, bubble gum, etc.

In 1950 we moved along the street to number 67 (later 301) next door to the Blackwoods and across from the Matthews. On the other side of us was a vacant block (used for a playground) until the Simards built their house. We thought that we were in the lap of luxury - finally a brick house with a real basement and an oil-fired furnace! My parents lived there until my father retired in about 1972-73. They then moved to Brome Lake and spent the rest of their days at Bondville.

Bob G
Thanks Bob G.

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