Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hockey Reunion 65-66

These guys spent an enjoyable evening renewing old friendships, remembering that great season, kidding each about who was better on the line, and recalling all the battles they won and lost with the tough guys of the league..

Red Drummond and John McConachie
Cliff Walker and Charlie Menary
Barry Hollingdrake, Chuck Este and Red Drummond
Doug Menary and Greg Wells
Crest of the 65-66 Champs Doug Menary, Sammy Stone (The Coach) and Barry Hollingdrake
Donnie Bremner and Chuck Este
Sammy Stone and Doug Menary
Cliff Walker, Charlie Menary and Sammy Stone
John McConachie and Greg Wells
Barry Hollingdrake and Doug Menary
Donnie Bremner, Chuck Este, Charlie Menary and John McConachie
Sammy Stone, Barry Hollingdrake and Doug Menary

Barry Hollingdrake, Red Drummond and Doug Menary

Thanks John Riley

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