Monday, May 01, 2006

Home pics from around the Park



711 This was the Desormeaux house on Greenfield Ave. They had four children, three of whom were Lily, Nicole and Claude who pitched for the Warriors fastball team of the early 1960s.

753 The house of Robert Miles on Churchill between Murray and Devonshire. It was one of the many lookalike homes constructed by Alban Perras about 1950. There is one on Greenfield, one on Oak, at least two on Springfield and one on Third. If anyone remembers any others let us know where they're located and who lived in them.

764 The LaPalme, then Veysey and now Newbury home on Empire at the corner of Third St. Many newspaper boys will recall picking up the Montreal Star at Mrs. Veysey's. Fred Newbury, the current owner, grew up in the Park on St. Charles Rd. He and his wife Lori have three sons.

Thanks John R.

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