Saturday, May 27, 2006

Home pics from around the Park


#319 Ross Francis standing in front of his home on Springfield. The Francis family has lived in the Park since the 1930s. His father built a home on Greenfield that was taken from him when he was unable to pay the taxes during the depression. The family then lived on the corner of Springfield and Churchill where the Credit Union building now stands. Ross's house on Springfield used to belong to Tom French who was the town's General Utility Man in the 1920s.

#766 Gordon Hamblin's house on Empire at the corner of James E. Davis (Third). Gordon's Park Update was an invaluable tool in the 1980s that kept Parkers who had moved away informed of events here, as well as historical memories and photos. The Denyar family owned the home before Mr. Hamblin.

Thanks John R.

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