Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kind Words From Cliff Board

Thank you guys for continuing a really great blog, and for recently including the William E. Board (My Dad) home on your gallery of Greenfield Park homes - it brought back many great memories to say the least. Also glad to hear from Margo Tomalty Valliant, who once lived across Third Street with Sister Penny and Brother Terry (My Best Man).
Re the listing of the Naylor Family, I did see "Dinky" whose real name was Duncan. It was also nice to see that one of the Graham's homes on Empire was bought by Michel Fontaine. I take it that is the young Michel that lived on the corner of Isobel and Empire? If correct, Claude Fontaine, Michel's Brother was a great friend, as was the whole Fontaine Family.
It is great to see families remaining in their hometown, and Greenfield Park was one of the greatest.

Regards, Cliff Board

Thanks Cliff B.

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