Friday, May 05, 2006

Knitting Club (1950's)

Can anyone name these people???

The people in the photo are:
Front row (L to R): Lesley barker, Mrs Barker, Mrs Geary and her daughter Pat Geary
Back Row (L to R): Mrs McLaughlin, Emma Brownlee, my sister Margaret Godefroy, Marjorie Blackwood, Mrs Jeary and Mrs Simard.

Most of these were our neighbours on Fairfield Avenue except Mrs Jeary and the Gearys who lived over on Murray. My mother also belonged to the club and often the monthly meetings were held at our house at which time my brother and I were banished from the house!

Bob G

Hi Marty.

The name missing in the Desormeaux family is Hugette.They attended the same school as I did.St.Edmonds.

The knitting party ladies.I only know one name.Top left. Mrs. McGlaughlin.She was a nurses aid at the St Lambert Hospital at one time.She helped deliver my three children .I remember her as being so kind.

Ellen McCourt Stone

Marty, re pics-- knitting group-- 2nd from right top Mrs, Geary--mother of Dave ,Ken and Doreen-- bottom row different Geary's -- extreme right Patsy Geary and next to her, her mother Kitty.

Although I have only lived here for 30 years I consider myself a PARKER please add my e-mail address to the list. Don'e hesitate to call on me again. By the way the picture of kniting club is a shower for one of the girls in the park 2 of the people are Pat Geary and her mother, Pat does not have a computer so she cannot join us. she has lived here since the early 40's she is now 71 yrs. old and does not remember any other home.

Shirley Chaif

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