Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Norma Knight's Wedding July 2 1960


Here's one to get people thinking. My cousin Clifford Board was the Akela of this Cub Pack at that time and Robert and I were both leaders too.

We have tried to remember some of the boys but wow we are really stuck. I wonder if any of these little fellas Ha! Ha! (now big fellas) recognize themselves. You can see Tommy and Dorothy Naylor behind us. Also my Grandfather Hughes, Grandmother Board, Aunt Mabel Fishlock.

I have challenged my brother Michael who was part of this cub pack to see if remembers any of them.
Hard to believe but it will be 46 years on July 2nd

Thanks, Marston for all your hard work

Take care

Thanks Norma

Let's see how many names we get..

Re Norma and Robert Knight's Wedding, the Cub in the front left is a Munro? Jimmy I think?

Regards, Cliff Board

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