Thursday, May 25, 2006

Norma's Knight is looking for old friends. Can anyone Help?

Hi Marston!

Hope you enjoyed your short weekend away. Hard to believe I really miss the blog even when it is only for one day.

Robert and I really enjoyed all the hockey and golf reunion pictures. My cousin Clifford who attended for the first time said he really enjoyed himself. I was talking to my brother Howard and asking him if he remembered you and he did. I think you will hear from him shortly.

Does Red Drummond still live in the Park? Does anyone know where George Fudgell, Marvin Ford and Jerry Dootson are at?

Well I guess I have rambled for long enough

Thanks again

Norma K.

Thanks Norma for the kind words. I hate to skip a day or two from the blog But I have to keep peace with the wife. She really enjoys the campground. I hope this may be the last weekend that I can't get on the net.

Gerry Dootson Lives in St. Lambert and is listed in the phone book. I don't have his E-mail address..

Marty N.

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