Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pics from the Highfield clan

Hi Marty, I just returned from a trip to Alexandria Ontario to visit with my Mom and family. Thought I would pass along these pics of the Highfield clan that were able to come to Alexandria for Mother's Day. I also attached a couple of older pics - one of Irene and one of Mom from many many years ago! They are as follows:

Ian, Lynn's oldest son, his wife Cindy and their daughter Megan
Irene Highfield at the ripe young age of 2
Mom with Irene's two daughters, Tracy & Tara and Tara's two children Shannon and Micheal
Megan and Shannon (L-R) in the chair with Micheal on the floor
Irene's two grandkids-Shannon_Micheal
Irene's two daughters Tracy in front and Tara in back

Everyone at Lynn and Brian's on Mother's Day. From left to right/front and back they are:
Shannon and Mom in the chair, Ian holding Megan, Tara holding Micheal, Tracy standing beside Ian, Brian sitting with Ian and Cindy's dog, Rudy, Lynn in Back and Cindy in front of Lynn

Mom at 20-something

Thanks for sharing these great family pics with us Joan N.

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