Monday, May 15, 2006

Richard Allain

Hello John and Marston

Thank you for posting the obit on Richard
He was a wonderful brother and friend and judging by the turnout at the home on Friday, a friend to many others as well.
Richard was the healthiest one in our family and had just passed a physical the week before. Because he started to feel unwell his wife Jo-Anne called 911 and he was taken to Peel Memorial at 830AM last Sunday. By 10 AM they were calling the family and by 605PM he was pronounced dead. None of us can believe this has happened including the doctors who could find nothing in the autopsy to indicate why his body went into septic shock.
He will be sadly missed and his passing is a reminder that no matter how hectic our lives become we should always take the time to keep in touch with friends and siblings, while we can.

Again thanks for your post - much appreciated
Bob Allain

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