Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sandy Robinson #3

We arrived in North Gower on Labour Day weekend and had but a few short days to try and get somewhat settled into our new home.

Once again we had to get kids registered for school & hockey. The hockey tryouts had already started by the time we went to register so it was a fast start for us all.

I was once again a stay at home Mom .I was a little luckier this time because my Dad & 2 of my sisters all lived in the area as well as several of Brian's Northern Telecom friends who had moved up from Nova Scotia earlier than us, due to earlier layoffs.

Again things were against us. Brian was soon transferred to Peterborough to work and was only home on weekends. I was left to get two kids to hockey games and it was rough for poor old Mom to sometimes have to send one off with almost a stranger.By May it became apparent that Brian was in Peterborough for a while and so we decided to do something unheard of, move and apply for a permanent transfer later. It worked but it was risky.

We were in the house in North Gower exactly one year. Moved Labour Day weekend again.This time our experience was once again taking us on a very different course. We were moving to cottage country.

Brian had found some cottages to stay in during the week while he worked up here and we brought the boys up for a weekend to see what they thought of the place we had chosen as their new home.

To Be Continued

Thanks Sandy for sharing with us..

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