Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sherri's Great Grandmother's Post Cards

To Bob H.

Thanks for the information. I do have several cards with pictures of
young ladies on them, but no ones that could be considered risque and
definitely no nudes. I always suspected that some of the cards might
be valuable to a collector, but for me the value lays in the link to my
family and I do not think I could ever part with them.

#32 - Another of the lovely ladies. This is "Miss Mille Legarde" and
the card is by Johnston and Hoffman. It is postmarked May 2, 1905 to M.
Tait in Dunoon. They write "Dear May How are you getting on this long time.
Hows Bella from HB." New mystery, who is HB?

#33 - This is about as risque as they come. The text on the front
reads "Two Heads Are Better Than One". Post marked July 31, 1905 and is from
her brother Sam (to be confirmed). He writes : I got your PC all
right it was a very nice one I think. Hope you are well as this leaves me
the same. Will write soon Sam"

I am still waiting to see the total charge for the access to the
Scotland's People site (http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/) before
purchasing more credits on the site to access information. I think I
may have found Mary's family on the 1901 census, but have not opened the
file yet. Will keep you all informed as I find out more.


Thanks Sherri T.

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