Monday, June 19, 2006

Copyright Material Warning

Hello blog visitors.
Recently I received a warning that I had posted copyright protected material. This kind & generous woman gave me permission to continue to have this essay on the blog as long as her credit was put back in the material.

Someone had taken this material. removed her copyright information and added a cartoon character and it was sent to me. I had no way of knowing it was copyright protected.

I have taken extra care not to post copyright material as it is a Federal offense.

Remember, Jokes and cartoons are usually protected and are the source of income for the author or artist.

So from now on, I will be extra vigilant and anything that remotely could be copyright material WILL NOT BE POSTED.

This site is for GPKer's to share pics, stories, and items from GPK so let's get back to that content.

Your understanding and co-operation is greatly appreciated.


Marty N.

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