Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Edna Heavyside Smith's Photos


Hi Marston,

Here is a photo broken up into three parts, sent in by Randy Smith from
his mother Edna Heavyside Smith's scrapbooks. Let's see if any one else can be identified. I recognize one person, Marion James Campeau who is to the right of the crack in the first part of the photo. This troupe is mentioned in Marion's memories in my book.


Here is an interesting photo my Mom gave me to send to you.
It would not fit on my scanner so I have sent the centre, left end and
right end separately.
The caption below the picture reads 'Lilian Reidy and her 'Shipmates'
troupe show.'
The six dancers (3 on each side with sailor hats) are all from the
According to my Mom, Lilian Reidy visited the south shore and saw the
6 GFP girls dancing and invited them to perform in her Montreal based
The 6 girls would travel by street car over to Montreal for each
engagement. Mom is a little vague about how many times or dates, but
1942-4 sounds about right. She was still involved with this when my
dad, George Smith, returned from the war.
If you like, I can ask her if she remembers the names of her
'shipmates.'Mom (Edna Heavyside) is the 3rd dancer from the left.

Thanks John & Randy

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