Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Encouragement From Winnipeg

Hi Beth,Good for you!! and your daughter!!Here in Winnipeg our "Weekend" was June 10th & 11th, and a record $3.3 million was raised.My own daughter has just completed a year of chemotherapy, surgery, more chemotherapy and radiation due to advanced breast cancer. She is only 30 years old.I myself will be doing the Walk/Run for the Cure here in Winnipeg on October 1st as part of a team formed by my daughter. I as well have been attempting to raise donations. (https://www.cibcrunforthecure.com/html/p.asp?t=1501111&l=1) . I must say that I have received some very generous donations; although my feelings are that anything a person can do is a great help. It is also difficult to ask for donations when, due to the popularity of soliciting donations via the Internet, we are constantly being asked to support various causes and it is understandable if people in general are not as keen on these requests. The impetus for me however is all that I have witnessed this past year with my daughter.You can count on me for a $50 donation. I realize that these "Weekends" are locally organized, and therefore the donations go toward the area in which the event takes place, but I am happy to donate to any event that will help to find a cure for this horrible disease. I have to admit that until I actually saw for myself the devastation of this disease, I did not truly appreciate what these fund raising events may be able to accomplish.The best of luck with your fund raising and thank you to both you and your daughter for what you are doing.Sincerely,
Judy (Harrison) Johnson

Thanks Judy
Good to hear from you..

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