Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fund Raiser

Last night my wife and I attended a fund raiser held for a good friend who lost his wife to cancer recently. She had complained of back pain for a number of years but didn't do anything about it. She recently went to Thailand for knee surgery were it was more affordable as her insurance would only cover a small portion of the cost in the USA.

When she returned her back pain became unbearable so her husband took her to the hosptial. After a couple of days she was diagnosed with advanced case of bone cancer in the spine. To add to the sad story, the hospital called and told them that there was a clause in their medical insurance that excluded treatment for cancer and that she couldn't stay in the hosptial without payment.

Well Tom took his wife home and returned her daily to the hospital for treatment and medications.

She suffered terribly until her heart gave out. Patty was only 58 when she passed.

To end this sad story Tom recieved his final medical bill for all the treatments and it shocked everyone to find out it was $200,000.00.

So a bunch of us started a fund raiser to help Tom Save his home and small business.

A local banquet hall donated a large room and provided service staff at no charge.

A famous touring accordian band provided a night of entertainment. The Harmonika Verein Band are European Champions and are on tour throughout the USA. They provided their service for free.

As well did the Crystal Lake Community Jazz Band.

It was amazing to see hundreds of people show up and donated generously to help a fellow from our little town.

Everyone seems to have a good time and were glad to help someone in need.

We still have a long way to go but it was a start.

Tom and the late Patti

Harmonika Verein Band from Germany

Crystal Lake Community Jazz Band

D'Andrea Banquet Hall

My Wife and Tom

Tom and myself
There are still good people out there...

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