Thursday, June 15, 2006

Greenfield Park Students

Greenfield Park Students of South Shore Catholic High


William Wallace


Linda Belanger Mark Bowles
Carol Clayton John Dunsford
Robert Durocher Janet Duthie
Pauline Evanovitch Marilyn Hart
Daniel Liboiron Lucien Liboiron
Ann Marie Mackin Harold Mancini
Richard Mancini Barry McMahon
Phil Murray Celestina Nigro
Stephen Olinyk Robert Poulton
Donald Prokosh Wayne Smith
Robert Wallace
Victor Woffenden Smithman


Francis Affleck Richard Allain
Heather Anderson Margaret Barr
Beverley Belanger Margaret Bilodeau
Terry Bowes Maureen Brooks
Robert Buchanan Irene Castonguay
Joan Clayton Linda Coull
M. D’Aprile Ross Durocher
Margaret Forbes Mary Forbes
Noella Foster Allan Fransiszyn
Jack Lapointe S. Laurent
Danny McKenna John McKenna
Pat McMahon Roger Moss
Carol Noel Richard Palczewski
Gerry Pietschmann Barry Pratt
Veronica Ralphs Linda Ross
Valerie Scott Gail Smithman
Gary Tierney Kevin Tierney
Vodia Tierney?

Here is a list of students that John Riley sent in. Maybe we can have our blog visitors add names to this list.

John wanted me to thank Sue Leclair Pinard, Donna Jones, Michael MacMahon, and Edward Toy.

Maybe some one would like to send in some stories of their youth. (ie Richard Hemingway W.)

I will post more names of this school district soon.

Thanks John R.

Hi Marty,
Re the names posted of students at SSCH in 1965 thru 1967:
My wife Millie taught there in 1965 and 1966 as Millie Casey and became Millie Bennett in the summer of 1966. She moved with them to St Hubert at McDonald Cartier and in 1970 or 71 moved to Montreal ending up at D'arcy McGee High School until 1975 when we moved to Ottawa.We found out at the First RGHS reunion that Dave Rye's wife Sharron was a student at SSCH when Millie taught there. Now we are contemporaries.

Thanks Ralph B.

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