Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hi from Campbellford

Hi from Campbellford, where one former Greenfield Park senor lady alone with her dog Daisy now are back living ..... when not living in St. Marys,Georgia. USA I'm now living down town Campbellford and learning how again to live in an old apartment building.

I do really enjoy looking at the many old buildings here also checking the history . With my Daisy walking me three times a day ...Ha-ha, also the stairs now my daily exercise, along with carrying up my groceries... slim and trim now I guess I will be if the stairs don't kill first. I
do enjoy living down town as I can walk to every thing, Campbellford this year is celebrating 100 years of History. I'm again a Hospital Auxiliary member, The Heritage, Women's Instute, Woman's Network and the Horticultural and because of this I do have many nice friends.

Also next week I will be volunteering again at the Salvation Army once a week ....praying I don't find any treasures to I do love neat old stuff.

Daisy with me at "Lion's Club Park," for a walk alone the Trent River.

P5290088...If no one is at the park,I let Daisy run free.

P5290091...Time for another drink, it is really a nice park.

P5290104...NO!!! Don't ask me to look at the daisies.

P5290105...You say a cookie!!!...... you win, I'll look.

THE END. Bev and Miss Daisy

Thanks Bev. V.
Glad you are back on our blog..

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