Saturday, June 10, 2006

Home pic correction

Hi John

Fred and I were just looking at the North Brothers blog site, and found your posting #509, 232 St. Charles Road, which is identified as the Alex Low house. The Low house is actually next door (on the right in the photo). The house pictured was built by my father, Eric Elkerton. Dad purchased the lot from Alex when we returned from England in 1947, and began building that year. I lived there until I married Fred in 1962. Dad sold the house in 1976 when he and my mother moved to BC.

Elaine (Elkerton) Vyse

Hi Marston,I presume you already have Elaine Elkerton's e-mail pointing out that photo #509 was not the Low house. Rather it belonged to Eric Elkerton. The house was recently owned by Albert Lemmel, who sold it within the last two months to new unknown owners. Could you please post the correction.

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