Tuesday, June 20, 2006

House #617

Hi how are you today ......well just reading the blog this morning while looking out over Lake Simcoe just south of Barrie ....
The house which is # 617 was not the Dixon's house on St Charles Road,but that of Rodney Holcroft,many years ago, as having lived all my life next door to this house which was the home of Fred and Helen Newbury and there children Elizabeth, Suzanne and Fred jr. Next to us was the Provost home and then Bill Webbs home ....
The Dixon house was on the left side of this house,(as you are looking at the picture) right next to the park ball diamond....
Holcroft's moved to Fairfield Street many years ago just above Churchill Blvd.
Keep up the good work love to scan this while having morning coffee.
Elizabeth( Newbury) Baird

Thanks for the correction Elizabeth

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