Saturday, June 17, 2006

House number 578

Hi Marty.

The house number (578) on Springfield was Sam's grandparents (The Cairn's ) and then Sam's family moved in in (1955) after his grandparent's passed away.They died one day apart.The grandfather had died of a heart attack on his way to sign for an operation for his wife.The next day the granmother died of complications from the operation.She never knew he had passed away .I met Sam shortly after.
Sam was related to the Kipp's.Mrs.Nellie Kipps and Sam's Mom were sisters.

Deacon's house was between Sam's house and Kipp's store.Deacon's house was moved in later years.I think it was moved near third street.

Have a great week end
Ellen McCourt Stone

Thanks Ellen S.

I hope you have a good one too..

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