Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jewel McAvaney

Marty, attached are two photos of Jewel McAvaney , GFPK Carnival Queen 1969 and then Miss Teen Canada 1969. John Riley heard that the photo was on the wall in an A&W outlet in Kanata ,a suburb of Ottawa, and asked me to check it out.

Sure enough it was there. While I was on that mission for John ,the weekly get-together of vintage car owners was taking place in the parking lot of the mall and so for the afficionados amongst your readers here are some photos. I especially noticed the three-tone(red-black-white)'56 dodge and it struck a particular note because if I'm not mistaken, someone in "The Park" owned that particular model with the identical paint scheme which I think came right from the assembly line. John

Thanks John McC.

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